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Its only when we lost something we know what we had or he cant find anyone to replace you and is lonely.

Lots of reasons, you know him better than I

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An matter how badly a relationship ends will remember his(or her) love and how much it once meant at least on Valentine's day if not every day of (his or her) life.

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I was wondering why mine did that, too. But it seemed to be to save face as he has been so miserable but said in the note he is much, much better now that it's over. Everything always was fake and ego with him.

I suspect the posters above are right about your ex. Too bad they can't recognize a good thing when they have it and find the maturity to nurture it.

Good luck in the future; I admire people who have the strength to leave - I stayed wayyyyyyyy too long, and never should have married him in the first place. But that's the past, thankfully.

Thank you for sharing, it was good to read the responses. My first love and I loved Christmas best and he wrote twice on Christmas. I guess it's true about certain days making the memories rise up...

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Can you give me more details about the greetings?

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Because he was lonely this Valentine's, since you left him and all. Even if you don't take him back, he is still going to learn from his mistake.

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feeling the memories of a better time?

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