R.I.P to all that died at the opening, don't worry there will be a special place in HELL for the guy that did that.
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Guys... Guys...

Yes on occasion Robin has become Batman, but I find it much more likely to Robin will emerge as either Robin or Nightwing- In fact, a lot of the cast actually said they would make another movie.

I do myself agree that there are things about this trilogy that do bother me, like Baine and Catwoman for example, but I would love to see Nightwing or even Robin rise to the occasion when his Idol was- and I quote- "destroyed".

If anyone knows or understands a thing about a director's vision in remaking a movie or turning a story and now more common than not even a comicbook into a movie, then they know that in most cases they want to take the movie;comic; or story, and reboot and or make it as their own. And for what it was, I believe that Nolan really put time and effort into the movie to make it his own- granted that he did this at the expense of the characters natural personalities and origins. And there again we must consider the many versions of every character in the- but not limited to- DC universe. Thousands of comics are remade in the story of either a writer or a "Comicker" and they don't get beef like movie makers do.

Nonetheless, my opinion is that it is not impossible for a forth movie to come along, after all look at all the money that the Dark Knight trilogy has made- if anything another director other than Nolan will take over and furthur the series until it turns into ****, like always. And like always they will face the challenge of making the series or even new series- given that Robin or Nightwing comes to be; however a new Dark Night with Robin is also a possibility- both attractive and entertaining.

In my personal opinion, I would love to see what they or preferably Nolan, would do with a Robin or Nightwing series.

Traditionally, if they did try to follow some original batman stories, Alfred would stumble upon Robin and then quickly, Robin would become the next vigilanty. A enemy bigger than him would rise or even he would join batman becoming his apprentice- then in the next or after a few movie he would become Nightwing or even batman.

I think, even though I too believe Nightwing to be pretty lame, that they-no, Nolan- could do Nightwing justice, after all, he couldn't possibly get any more lame... Or could he?


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Their isnt going to be another one the ending was just to show that Batman passed his mantel down. In the comic books Robin has been Batman on several times

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I didn't think it did. I think it was more of a "passing the torch" scene, Bruce Wayne might have (inevitably) retired but there'll still be someone around to look after Gotham when it needs it. Doesn't necessarily mean they're trying to leave it open for a sequel.

To compare, the finale of The Wire showed Dukie becoming hte new Bubbles, Michael the new Omar etc, but it doesn't mean they're planning a "The Wire: The Next Generation". It just represents history repeating itself.

I really hope there isn't another one. Nolan doesn't seem the type to compromise the art because they're throwing money at him.

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I don't know much about these movies but I did read on the internet that this was part one and that there is going to be a part 2 in 2013.

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Who cares? Christopher Nolan is a total idiot who has only ever made one half good movie.

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