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when i first moved here i talked to someone from ovr and they accepted me and the counselor was really nice and was going to help me get work, then she left and i got stuck with another counselor, at first i thought she was nice and they sent me on 3 job assessments and i thought i was doing great, one time though i had a bus be really late so i called my job coach and he rescheduled it and other times i found out i didnt have one coming, i get those buses that come to my door so i took a cab that didnt show for 2 hrs, when i went to my last appt they said i didnt have my transportation together and closed my case and also cause i had to take allergy shots every wk, since then i got hired for para aide subbing in the schools and i dont have to take time off for shots cause im giving myself my own shots so as not to take time off, so ive solved part of my problem, ive had 2 hip surgeries and a knee one so why wouldnt they help me get a job, thought that was their job
lederman lederman 51-55, F Nov 3, 2012 in Health

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