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Domestic animals are property. They have no rights and their existence is at the whim of their human owners.

If you don't like it--start a revolution, secure power and invoke a constitution that gives animals rights--Humans will have to do this as non-human animals have no ability to recognize natural law--a key element of what separates animals from humans.

Don't just sit there--get up and do something about it!

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lol... I am not giving animals rights... You are missing my point.

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Egyptians had cats way before we did and they catch mice and snakes...dogs they used them to keep away wolfs and roundup the sheep so everything served a purpose

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I'm not sure of the why, or if it was a one-sided action, or anything else.

But I do believe now that they are here and domesticated it is our responsibility to care for them to the best of our ability. That means food, shelter, vet care, socialization, exercise, humane training, and spaying/neutering. It is a shame that we have so many being euthanized in shelters everyday. We can do better than that.

My dog is my everything. She couldn't possibly be better cared for or more involved in my life.

I don't know the ethics of her being here, but I do know I am doing my absolute best in caring for and loving her.

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Don't forget to include people themselves as animals that have been domesticated. In fact, such a good job has been done to them in the form of getting them to fear each other, rely on police to protect them, accept slavery as "a good job" and vote for people to control them every four years that they can't help themselves but try and share the fun with the rest of the animal kingdom. They employ the same fear tactics, make the animals do assorted tricks and then bring them in to be politely assassinated when they become old and crippled. All of which gives them the sense that they are "higher" than the rest of the animal kingdom while remaining the only one that has to get prescribed pills to just make it through another day.

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Are you sure that WE domesticated THEM? Who feeds who? And who cleans up the other's poop?

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