Obama's Democratic Convention supported American troops by having a retired Navy Admiral speak in front of a huge photo of Soviet Union ships on the Black Sea. Why do you think they did that. Do Russian ships support our American troops? Was it just a stupid mistake typical of Odumbo's competence as Commander in Chief? See "Navy Times" article this week:
DozerDan DozerDan 66-70, M 8 Answers Sep 12, 2012 in Politics

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because they are ******* idiots, just like those that say ITS OK .

If that bothers you then this will really get your panties in a wad.

American Flag left on ground by team Barry.

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0bama and his worshipers loth the military , it was to slap the navy in the face.

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Because they don't know their history nor do they care.

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Because he's a communist , obviously.

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It was a technician error.

But it sure hasn't stopped the conspiracy nutters, has it? lol

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