First off, I\'m a 23 decent Jamaican guy that\'s trying to get into the dating scene. When I log on to a dating site known as , I was 8 daily matches per week. One of them was a very attractive Latina who was going to be Super Model on her profile. As I checked her preferences, she willing to date every other races expect for Black Men and I was shocked. This really bothered me because of the fact these women think that black or west indians are the lowest of all races. If these attractive women are not into black men, is it because we lack education, our features, color of skin, hair or personality. And if its not one of these then I don\'t know what is. I want to comments from the women. Btw I\'m very polite and respectful towards women and Not judgemental.
TriforceZ2 TriforceZ2 22-25, M 2 Answers Jan 2 in Intimacy

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I don't know where you are, but I see gorgeous women with men of all backgrounds where I live, especially black men........

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Maybe its just you and not them

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