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thewriterwithnobook thewriterwithnobook 31-35, M 7 Answers Jun 29, 2012

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Mobile phones are just so wonderfully advanced these days. I've been using a mobile phone since the early 90's so times have definitely changed. I now carry an Android smart phone, I could eliminate my TV, Computer, Stereo Equipment, GPS, the list goes on and on. But here is the kicker...there are so many functions today's smart phones can handle, the general operation of the phone can be sometimes complicated or confusing, and with so much sophistication in one little unit, the chance for a circuit failure of any kind is greatly increased. Do the pros outweigh the cons on todays mobile phone technology? My vote would be yes, yes it is. But just as with anything that is electronic and user operated...there will be times of problems.<br />
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It sounds like the wealthy.

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i really wish i knew a good answer to this. My phone is so damn smart it turns itself off in the middle of calls. It can read my mind. LOL

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