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What college did you go to? At my school, the little white chickies (myself included) were all over the ebony talent!

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Instead of stereotyping women why don't you take them as individuals? You'll have a much better chance of ending up with the right girl.

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i dont stereo type women. they stereo type black guys. im wondering why they dont talk to black guys. are they afraid? society? parents? i mean its college right?

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Well, then , if you are in the south, yes 'they' ( some!) like

black men but ( have to !) hide it !

Still, your Q is too general, and no doubt, you are 'talking about'

the 2 or 3 white girls you've ever tried to speak to !

Be Brave....

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Why do you ask such a question? I can tell you that even with the ever increasing acceptance of interacial couples there is still a lot of people that give them crap. That in itself makes any relationship difficult at best.

I don't mean from the raciests, I mean from the Black families saying why do you want a white woman and the white families saying why do you want a black man. No one is being viscous but it is still pressure on the relationship. And then the kids are teased as being half breeds and such.

It is just hard for everyone in that situation.

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im in a college in the south...........

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