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my throat was so painful for 6 or 7 months, doctors would misdiagnose me and treat me for acid reflux and thrush, i had neigher so the pain wouldnt go away, it was only after i left my job and moved away that i saw someone that knew what they were doing, this guy looked down my throat with a scope, saw it all swollen and my toungue too and sent me for allergy testing, he deserves a medal cause he did in one visit what others wouldnt do in months, but the thing is this couldve been life threatening if my throat wouldve closed on me, now im taking allergy shots and went back on benadryl, so why were the other doctors so stupid when i couldve died from an allergic reaction, now my throat dont hurt anymore,
lederman lederman 51-55, F 4 Answers Nov 3, 2012 in Health

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I dont know where you used to live my friend , but i know here in SE Wis.....the more people they see the more money they make and the happier the administraion that runs the place is. Too often the symptoms are assigned whatever is a quick and simple diagnosis rather then spending 2 minutes and really LOOKING into what the problem is....glad you found a solution and my best wishes for a speedy recovery

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Some doctors are morons!

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