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BeautifulVixen BeautifulVixen 18-21, F 5 Answers Sep 10, 2011

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The definition of **** changes ba<x>sed upon what society you are looking at. Many Islamic countries consider women that expose her face, arms, or legs as a ****. In some societies the term **** has no meaning; for example traditional eskimo and some polynesian islands. It is all a matter of sociology. I have noticed some women are caling themselves ***** and even some are embracing the term as a badge of someone with the courage to express freely their sexuality. It is possible that some girls and women call themselves ***** for shock value and attention. Human behavior is not alway easy to predict or understand.

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Everyone has to fit in this society unconformists, rock stars and sl uts. Definition of sl ut is: easy, fast and volume like in a fast food chain.

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in my opinion, a slu*t is someone who has multiple sexual encounters with numerous partners (sometimes several in one day) without any intention of taking said sexual encounters anywhere. i e, a relationship. short or long term.

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