Guys never ask to be treated like that or even expect anything remotely close..
Jmzm Jmzm 22-25, M 6 Answers Dec 2, 2012 in Romance & True Love

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Girls are raised with the mentality they should be treated like that...

Treated right and well...treated like a princess...not so much

And how far do you think a guy would get he wanted to be treated like a king?

Bowing to me...kissing my ring...

lmao a woman would tell you to go **** yourself

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Yeah like I have never asked to be treated like anything that would be too much, being treated right an though of are what I want I just can't believe the girls that all wish to be treated like a princess when -some- guys never ask girls to treat them any more than respectfully =/

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As I was brought up, women are supposed to be treated as queens as men are treated as kings. it as respect thing i guess my views have changed, but as of now thats probably why..

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Remove head from spinchter then form an opinion.

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i know i sure as hell dont wanna be treated like a princess

i'll take being treated like a prince though

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Stupid Cinderella complex

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