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Purpleninja96 Purpleninja96 13-15, F 5 Answers Apr 24, 2012

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Because if a guy goes for an easy girl, it means he's only after sex, not the girl herself. Who wants a guy like that? It's a lust her and leave her thing. If a guy sees a girl truly worth going after, even if she's very hard to woo and win, he'll still do it because he sees her as with value, not as just a sex ob<x>ject.

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Because they want sex. I like to use men for sex just as often as they use us. I don't want flowers from them, I don't want to meet their parents, and I am not going to have their baby. I am simply looking for a good time. Simple as that!<br />
<br />

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If by easy you mean the ones that are loud and abnoxious and you see them flirting with every guy they see, I don't go for that. When I see girls like that it turns me off and I go in the other dirrection And what does popular mean? like she dates every guy in town? To me popular means she gets around too much. Maybe when I was young dumb and full of c*m I would go for that but I didn' know any better. I want the quiet girl next door type but it seems as though they don't exist anymore.

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