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Because they are 'guys',...not 'men'..................eventually we grow up, it just takes a long time...

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hoop! well said...but wait a second, do they really grow up? Ever?

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Its no big deal if a guy says or act so. If he does not communicate with you it means he does not want to. Period! So do not take it too personal or allow it to worry you.

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Because we like to keep our options open by not burning the bridges behind us, if you get my drift.

If we find someone else then we'll forget about you (not you specifically). If we can't find anyone else then we'll be your friend until we do find somebody else. We men don't usually like having female friends because of the sexual tension it causes within us. Women seem okay with male friends, but we men try hard but can't always resist. It's cruel to want a woman that we can't have. You're cute, for example, so my being your friend would cause me to have many wet dreams despite my self control when you're with me. Still, wishing that I could have you is painful for me and it's better to avoid you than to be tormented with my desires.

I do have female friends but they're mostly former girlfriends and we are free to touch each other whenever we want to. That's a wonderful stress relief and it makes for a better friendship, although technically it's a friends with benefits relationship. Awesome! :)

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