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This guy tried to cheat on his gf with me and so I showed her the messages and he said that what I did was dirty as ****. And that I acted like a ***** for showing her.
sarahhoward42511 sarahhoward42511 22-25, F 7 Answers Sep 2, 2011

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He was being evil and you showed the world. He was suddenly not so smart, not so clever, not so sly...he was pointed at and outed as a liar and a cheat. He probably invested considerable time and effort in his littel cheating scheme. Now it is all wasted and he will need to spend lots more time and effort trying to lie his way out of this.<br />
Evil never likes to get caught out. it makes it angry.

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I asked that same question about girls.<br />
You must be reading my stuff good a least someone is.<br />

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just getting his bluff on and hoping youll back off

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