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Because women allow them to get away with it.

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I have a girlfriend, I love her.... she's beautiful, we get along great.... We have been together along time. But I have "side chicks". Why? Truthfully?

Well that's because I don't want to feel like I am missing out on life or its experiences.

I don't want to be faithful and find out that she wasn't and if she wasn't then atleast I can know that I did it first and it makes me feel better.

I'm love my girlfriend to death and I know that it doesn't effect my feelings for her or the way that I treat her.

It's something that I feel like I need. Like I am prewired to have. Girls I don't think are wired this way.

I would love to be honest with her and if I knew it was ok with her I'd rather just tell her about everything. I would like it better if she was ok with it and I have had a girlfriend before who was ok with it. But I don't feel bad about it.

I guess it's messed up but its the way that it is.

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Guys do Men don't. There is a difference. Its one of a few reasons 1 they are selfish, heartless, people

who don't Think about anyone but themselves. 2 When a woman forgives 1 time they think its a free pass to keep on doing it.

I say cheat once and "SEE YA"!!!

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Hundreds of Ice Cream flavors & treats!

and you think men

Will limit themselves to a Main & Side Chick

that's.... ONLY TWO!

Get REAL! Go get high capacity Calculator! :)

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Overcompensation for their homosexual inner thoughts.

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I do not need a main chick and a side chick - trying to keep 2 women or more happy is impossible and I would not be able to be happy myself. BUT...... I have seen guys that say if ONE is NOT in the mood, atleast they have other ones to go see. So, if your a sex crazed guy - it would make some sense I guess.

Your main woman is not always going to be in the mood - so of course you would need to have a couple others to keep as options.

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Strange pu$$y

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