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Yes, I can imagine!

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I must live a sheltered life, I haven't seen any of that even at the mall. Then again, I'm not looking at men or the thug-like little adolescents when I'm at the mall, either.

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same with


touching their dicks...


staring with their eyeballs...

in the wrong direction...

joyinthejourney, clg

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Lol .. I find it rude if a guy does that at the wrong time .. Example Meals .. Don't bear thinking about the later question :-) x

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I don't think it's men perpetuating the negative stigma of female ************. I think it's actually fellow women.

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I don't always have my hand down my pants and wouldn't mind if a woman did that

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There is always some loser with his hands down his skivvies. Just chalk it up to female superiority.

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