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I don't know, sweets. Perhaps you're a bit like me. When you see someone you connect with at that deeper level, you want to know more, to be more connected. Every that fits well feels good. So you move forward. Or you want to. HUGS,.. I have this belief that there's someone out there, that we're going to connect with. Hope we both find what we're looking for.

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You got that right....but this habit of mine has made me lose many good friends.....last it happened was hurts like hell.

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That is the question every INTP asks of every other human on the planet on a daily basis LOL!

Emotions and feelings are perfectly fine in a relationship they make it worth having, irrational emotions and feelings are the problem :)

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hello folks

one suggestion i would make is, write them a letter.

that way you can say exactly what you want, without making a mess of it.

there is nothing more hurtful than to lose a friend, so anything is worth trying.

i sincerely hope things work out for you.

best wishes


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