as stupid as this question sounds..
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He won't get more invested just because you hope he does. If there is an imbalance between the investment of two people, then realize that this imbalance will probably continue. You can always ask him what his thoughts and feelings are, but he is probably more interested in discovering himself and sowing his wild oats than in planning for a future.

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you knew he was married your another slag who wont stay away from him slag

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LOL good one! man youre so funny!.....

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i'm lost on "fml". as i haven't renewed my subscription to internet acronyms for dummies.

my guess is ! you have a heart, you feel pain. don't sweat it.

maybe let the stud go. d-_-b , good chance he's already singing another ******* tune anyways.


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Once when I was young, a girl asked when we were having sex if I had any thoughts of where our relationship was going, I got up dressed and walked out. She did us both a favor, I had no idea she was feeling that more might be involved than what it was. I think if you ask you will do yourselves both a favor.

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