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Okay, so I was a cutter for about 3 years. I've been to two hospitals and counseling. Since I was 9 I had always fought with the mental illness stuff. Well, finally my life is getting better until I found out my mom was on drugs again. I was a mess at first and only did one cut. That was last week. This week I cut yesterday for no reason at all. Not deep but enough to bleed and leave cuts. It never gives me the extreme rush it used to either. So is this strictly just an Addiction? I hate this relapse stuff. I've kicked it before bit never for good. I had done really good for a while but end up back. I've learned to tell myself that if my mom wants me in her life she will get help and mainly ignore it so what in the world are my random cuts for?! It's hard for people to understand you when you don't even understand yourself, Help! Thanks guys <3
Waitingforamiracle34 Waitingforamiracle34 13-15, F 1 Answer Nov 27, 2012 in Self Harm

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go within (meditate)...find one beautiful thing about yourself that you can share with this world...realize how awesome you are...shae your gift with the world...and leave cutting behind...

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