I am always described as sweet, caring, wonderful, great. Yet I\'m constantly just tossed to the side in everyone\'s life. I feel like I am nothing of value to anyone but have so much to offer at the same time. Heart hurts so bad.
LostVixie LostVixie 26-30, F 5 Answers Dec 28, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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Okay, something has happened, I don't know what, but something has happened to you. I'm not a shrink nor a psychologist, but someone has destroyed you sense of self worth. Don't let it go on, get some help. You are a beautiful person... believe that and others will too.

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you allow yourself to feel that way.

I choose not to care.

"take what you like, and leave the rest"

I dont like to be all about me but I refuse to allow others to rule my feelings.

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You aren't. There's no one else like you, and I'm sure the people in your life realize that.

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It sounds like they are using you it's very hard to have a broken heart move on you'll find that 1 or 2 that will keep you

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