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School only started a month ago. I am sick but not sick enough to be unable to function at school. The only reason I'm home is because I woke up really late, most likely because of the Nyquil I took last night. In the morning my mom wakes me up then leaves to go to work. She did today but I don't remember it at all. And I have my phone alarm go off, but I'm not sure if that went off or not. I am the one who has to wake my dad up though, so he can take me to school. But I feel guilty EVERY TIME I don't go to school. Even if I'm like dying sick. I don't get why.
mynameisjupeach mynameisjupeach 16-17, F 3 Answers Sep 18, 2012 in Education

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Nobody wants to admit it, but school is awesome :P including I. It's the place where you see friends, mess about, have fun, laugh, **** your teacher off :P, and obviously add a bit of education in there ( just a bit. Hehe)

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