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flyrobin flyrobin 36-40, F 3 Answers Mar 6, 2011

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Calm down, there's nothing to panic about, why taking life so seriously?

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I have always had feelings of not belonging to this world somehow! I feel alien to the modern way of life and would prefer a more slower pace in a different time. I feel i know your pain. I had a massive panic attack on a motorway and had to stop the car and get out, i really thought i was going to pass out or something. If i feel an attack coming on now i try to focus on my breathing, nice and slow deep breaths, it helps most of the time.

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It can be overwhelming if we worry how we will manage in the future, and over what has happened in the past. Try to stay in the present moment, that is all we are equipped to cope with, and you may see life is more simple and easier to contend with. <br />
We panic sometimes when we compare ourselves to others, who always seem to be doing better than we are, and appear so much more together and adequate than we ourselves are. Of course this is usually not true at all, so try not to compare yourself to others. Focus on what you want, and dont worry about other people. Tell yourself you are good enough, worthwhile and lovable. Accept yourself, and the panic will leave you.

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