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So, I am a pans3xual and panromantic female, just to start out, but... Yesterday I had gotten a girlfriend, she is amazing and she was my best friend and now she is my significant other. The thing is, she is as3xual. Yep a pans3xual and an as3xual together in a relationship the world is gonna end. I really like her and she told me that she likes me too, she told me that the crush she had actually started way out of the blue. I'm afraid that since we are together if they ever found out that they would say she was lying about being as3xual and call her Homos3xual. What can I do about that? Oh and her parents and family are super Christian AND her brother has a huge crush on me. I need help what do I do!? Experiance project please help me TT^TT
Cryingsmile Cryingsmile 16-17, T 9 Answers Jan 5, 2013 in LGBT

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stop labeling yourself, take a deep breath.<br />
don't tell anyone about your relationship yet to figure it out for yourselves. when you get bit older and tougher, you'll be able to ignore judgmental people and learn to tell them to mind their own business.<br />
and for now enjoy each other.

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Pansexual? You'd have sex with an elephant while blowing a moose?

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Evolution/Metamorphosis. =O

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