You feel that way because you want to be like them. You're not happy with who you are and they see that. Don't ever let no too short shorts and off the shoulder tops wearing, sleezy dancing, everybody wants to be in the 'SAME' clothes wearing, make you feel less than they are. Don't you think it's NOT cool wanting to be like other people other than yourself, just to fit in? Cool people make themselves and uncool ones follow them, because they don't know how to be cool by themselves. Is that you? Are you willing to give up who you are and what makes you YOU, to be like everybody else? Why do you think super stars are super stars? Because they are set apart and different from everybody else, that's what makes them stars dear. Honey, be happy with who you are, and see I'm emphasizing on 'happy' and be a star on your own. Trust me, they'll notice and probably want to be like you.

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