Im extremely ticklish all over my body and as a child hated being pinned down and tickled. now i secretly desire to be tied down so I cant move whilst a woman mercilessly tickles me to tears. I imagine her tickling my bare feet which arouses me instantly yet is agony to endure at the same time. Why do i want to experience something I hate and cant stand yet the thought of it turns me on terribly.

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Honestly, it's the taboo of it all. It's weirdly unmanly, closer to your anima. The desire to be dominated, but in a playful way, causes you to become aroused. You should do a tickling session with someone you trust, but more importantly you're comfortable with. If he's very gentile, you should enjoy it. But it really is a private thing that's fun if you do it right.

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"Agony" is the right word for it!

Like when I'm at a pool party or something and we're all standing

around the pool in Speedos and somebody brings up the subject of

tickling. I blush and get a lump in my throat because I am the most

ticklish guy you'd ever meet. I'm also just skin & bones so I'm not

able to protect myself from it, (except by running).

Somebody who knows me always says "Kevin here is way ticklish!"

So my heart drops to my stomach. Usually when people are drunk

& they know you are ticklish they try to gang up on you. My reactions

are what is so embarrassing. I wet myself, cry, scream & beg. If they

don't stop I ********* by reflex and pass out.

I don't "long for" having it done but if its my b/f and maybe a couple

friends OK, the laughing is fun. But a lot of people tickling me at

once is HORRIBLE!

Some of us our body seems to "betray" us by getting extremely

aroused by something that "tortures" us. When I get tickled I get

hard by pure reflex, then if they tickle me long enough I *** by

reflex. My thoughts are not on sex, I am in desperate agony to

get away or make them stop, but the ****** just happens, &

its been like that since I was 11 years old.

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Just the way you're wired, I guess. :)

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I find that kind of funny, personally, and I'd want to tickle you, but, well, I'm a man that's not interested in men. I would really consider hiring a woman to do it tho. LOL

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That's a ticklish question. LOL

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It turns me on to

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