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I had my first and last prenatal visit a week and a half ago. I was having some spotting problems, so they gave me an ultrasound to see what was going on. They said they found no trace of a pregnancy and said I must have miscarried. They then gave me HCG blood work to see what "my levels" were anyway. My spotting has stopped and pregnancy symptoms have lessened. They said they would call if followup was necessary. I didn't heard back from the doctor, so assumed my body cleaned itself normally. Today I got a call from the doctor saying that they need to do more HGC blood work. I tried to get more info, but they wouldn't tell me why. I go tomorrow. Is it typical to get an hcg test this long after miscarriage? Does it mean something is up?
PurpleDandelion PurpleDandelion 31-35, F 1 Answer Jan 27, 2011

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i'm sorry this happened. my sister had one too two weeks ago. but she had to go to clean her. it is odd you need that test since they've got ultrasounds to confirm everything there is under control. maybe they were not sure it was about pregnancy. sometimes women have cyst that body recognizes as pregnancy and trigers the whole hormonal proces as it would happen in real pregnancy. i'm sure your gyn can explain it to you correctly. well, good luck. wish you well

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Thanks for answering. I just got back from the doctor. They wanted to retest my HCG because my numbers were still kind of high when the miscarriage was diagnosed. They wanted to make sure the numbers were going down as they are supposed to and also wanted to rule out a due date miscalculation. It turns out my numbers dropped to almost nothing which confirms the miscarriage and that my body is doing what it's supposed to. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. She will have another chance when it's God's time...just like me. :)

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