It always happens right befor I fall asleep and startels me. Or I be at that point right befor ifall asleep and I'm having a dream but it's like an argument about me and then they yell my name and it fully wales me up. Or I'll be laying there and I swear I hear someone say Brandy are you ok??? I don't get it!!!! I'm not sure if I beleive in gohst or not but I think I do and I do live in a war time house like everyone else on this halfpf my subdivsion!!!! I remember when I first moved into this house I was showering and I swear I herd the cubbords open and close but no one was there and this year I was showereing and I swear I saw shadow run past the curtain but once again no one there!!!! This is really creeping me out!!!! My sister won't even go in my room because she gets a bad vibe from it. And my friend says when she's in my room she feels so uneasy that's she is forced to sit down. My room does lead to the addict. What is this. Is it just me hearing things or somthing else???And I don't do drugs drink alchohol or smoke. I was talking to my sister and she said she's seen the shadow run by the shower curtain to. Well at least if I do have ghosts their friendly. But still kinda creepy. And I can't tell the main persong in my life my youth pastor because she dosent beleive in ghosts and it would be ackword to tell the other main person in my life because he's a pastor and dosent beleive in ghost but anyway anyone here know what it could be???
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Hey what you have are time whispers, which are whispers from the past and/ or future. There is no way to stop them although if it is something bad I highly recommend staying away from that place. Time whispers may also happen in your sleep through dreams, ex. In your dream you see a store or person you've never seen before, then the next day you see what happend in your dream. I hope I have helped.

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Ok my father has told me several times that he has heard his name called clear as a bell,Ron! Ron.and when I stayed there furor a week his door would open and close, and my father never ever bieleved in ghosts.he has been living in this place for ten years and only within the past 6 months this has been going on photos missing and turned to the side.the other day, day not nite I was gonna take a nap there I wasn't even close to falling asleep, and I hear clear as a bell JASON! It sounded like my sister.i was there alone.very strange. I am worried for my father, he told me that he was having a dream that two men were following him, when he woke he said he could not move couldn't breath,and felt like he was being held aunt died a few months ago, but she wouldn't try and scare my father like that.i don't know but I am worried for his sake.

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your pastor doesn't believe in spirits ?/// Huh?

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Man, I'm with you. At this very moment. I'm sitting up at 1:30am, frantic about what I just heard. I heard someone whisper my name, "zac" in my ear. I've had recordings of myself sleeping, and you can hear someone saying my name than too. I know it's a spirit! And my house is also quite old.

I just wanna know if by whispering our names, it means something? Or whether their just trying to simply contact us. If you find any news, please email me! :)


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it's your mind settling and relaxing,it happens to me from time to time..just like someone was next to me saying my name,creepy.

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You are lucky! In more ways than one.

I awake at night to blood curdling screams, bangs and glass breaking. I get up two to three times a night just to make sure that what I "heard" wasn't something actually going on.

I hear screams in the shower. Often it sounds like my Wife. I throw open the shower curtain run into the living room, naked, dripping wet, in a panic because I think she is getting murdered or something. She is always fine and did not hear what I heard.

If only I heard whispers...

I used to be a painter. I inhaled many different chemicals that could potentially damage parts of the brain. I know that's why I hear things.

To live in a haunted house would be GREAT! I am drawn to the paranormal and the unknown. I think it's exciting.

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WOW, Thats some issue, I was wondering have you done any reseach into the house you are living in? Is there a history in your family of members being "sensitives", someone who can hear or see sprits?

Have you seen your doctor and explained this to them?

I am a big beliver in "ghosts", but I also know that the human mind can play some very serious tricks on us and if we dont catch it in time it can be a disaster. I know going to the doctor and telling them "i am hearing voices" doesnt sound good but you should be given a full phyical and mental scan.

When they come back and tell you nothings show up then you can focus on the house and finding a medium to help de-bug the house.

Good luck Id like to know what happens

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1) Adiotry Hallosonations.

2) Your Ego and it's desires

3) Your thoughts (which is basicly the same as your Ego)

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What??? I am confuzed what do you mean by all of those???

And don't' see how ego is related especaly because I don't think highly of myself at all

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Hypnagogic hallucinations

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