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Unfortunately dear , its gonna hurt for awhile ALWAYS takes MORE time than u THINK ...& I love SILVER glitter :)

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I'm crying right now over someone I should have been over by now. It's been a year and a half and he's the only person I think I can stand to be with, but he's never coming back so I'll just have to learn to be alone. I don't think I can do this all over again.

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a YEAR & a HALF?...yeah , ya THINK?

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I don't know what to think honestly. I don't want to miss him so much. We were together for ten years and have a child together. We didn't break up, he was deported. Half the time he's been gone we were fighting it while he was in the detention center. We were told we had a good chance since he had a clean record but nope. Anyway, it's not always simple, letting go of something good; something real.

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Prolly 'cause, like me ,back then, I used to spend all my "free" time with that special's just not that easy to forget!...grieving is important, to a point....then move on, no matter how hard it is at first...just do it! gets easier until the wound is just a scar....keep doing all the right things in your life! passes, really!!! Ur much too young to let drag U down now....take it from an old guy!

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I guess we usually remember nice moment when a person leaves us. That is why. You can try to write down what the bad things about him or what bad things he did to u everytime u miss him. I hope it will help u to not miss him any longer

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because you rushed in where angels feared to tread...but everyone does it

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Don't worry Hun if its over your thoughts will turn to happier goals in the end

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It depends on a few things:

- is he alive?

- do you still see him?

- does he live close to you, geographically?

- is he a part of your social circle or yours his?

- does he have a facebook, twitter, etc account?

My point is, it all has to do with emotional distance. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, for anyone, its going to *increase* the likelihood that they will maintain certain kinds of feelings towards a person. Another angle is to look at your personal traits, all of which are not necessary for you to mention here, rather, just for personal reflection...

based on your personality and past relationship (not only intimate) experience how might particular characteristics you have or situations you've encountered make you more likely to be hung up on a person compared to another that doesn't have to worry about such things?

Sorry for the long sentence... I still encourage you to make an attempt at answering the questions for yourself (not for your personal answers to be plastered on a medium such as this though - no, this would be your own personal self-knowledge (the greatest of all kinds, if you ask me)).

Take care and good luck,


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Well how long has it been since you ended things?

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