I fail at life; I literally can't do a single thing worth mentioning correctly. I know if the people from "failblog" learned about me they'd have a field day about my failures. I literally suck so hard at life, I can't even beat video games that 12 year old kids with down syndrome can. Me not losing my virginity is the least of my problems. I know people are gonna say "you just haven't found what you're good at" and it's not true; I've literally tried my hardest at every little thing that even somewhat interests me, and I suck at it. It's like I need to not care and not try and act apathetic towards it to learn how to do even the dumbest of things. That's the only way I learned how to drive. I was even such a bother to the doctor who birthed me that he cut me outta my mother's womb because I wasn't coming out fast enough for their convenience. True story. I just wonder why I can't just pass away so I won't have to live another miserable day like this... it's becoming too much
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I know exactly how you feel. I was there once. Guess what? It is proably something that you will have trouble hearing I guess: Failure is success. Just like you, a few years ago I failed at everything I did and i also wanted to take my life away because I didn't understand why it happened to me.

A few years later I have discovered the reason: it is because I didn't love myself and didn't believe in myself and all this was transmitted to the world around me and once I became aware of it I regained power over my life.

Now I am a published author, a speaker and an enterpreneur. So don't see failure as failure because further down the road success will meet you and that is exciting and worth while waiting for.

Just to let you know I failed in everything in my life from career to relationships to motherhood so I know very well how it feels. I was even depressed because of that for 4 years.

I know that you will get up and find your strength to try new things and you are only going to succeed if you overcome your fear of failure and simply go for it no matter how hard it may seem.

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Hey, what? First out, I gotta say how unlikely I think it is that you literally suck at life. I'm calling you on that one, brother. And you know what? I suck at video games as well.. But it really doesn't bother me that much because, (pay close attention now) there really are more important things.

I'm pretty sure the doctor didn't mind cutting you out of your mum's womb. It's his job, and plus, C sections are common as - Macbeth had one, and he was cool. Well, until he got all spurred on by ambition and his evil wife and such. But I bet he was **** at video games.

It's probably cliche as/un-PC but I don't actually care - I'm gonna say you probably need to just cut out being such a whiny baby and have a look at the good stuff in your life. And sing! Cause that makes you happy!

You are not as big a failure and bother to everyone as you think, okay?

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When people feel like this it can mean they have Depression. Do you feel this way much of the time? Do you also feel tired or lacking in energy? Do you eat very little - or too much? Do you have difficulty sleeping? Do you have thoughts of harming yourself? Do you stay in bed for long periods and find it hard to get up? Do you find it very difficult to feel motivated to do ANYTHING? You might have Clinical Depression. Please see a doctor. This condition can be treate. You deserve to feel better and to have a good life. Please, don't ignore the signs. Get medical advice.

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I feel the same way you do. Right now I can hardly type because I am crying so much. Every morning it's a struggle to get up and face the same old routine of failure. Life is such a misery. It is hard. I wish I could smile, but I have nothing to smile about. If it weren't for my dog, I would have no one. I am alive because of him. If I go, who will take care of him? Well, take care of yourself.


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Aw, Sweetie. I can really relate to how you feel. I knew as soon as I read your post that you are a teenager. I felt those feelings, and went through them with my sons when they were teens.

You cannot possibly suck at life because you haven't experienced much of it yet! You are just on the threshhold of finding out who you really are.

Stop beating yourself up. Maybe you aren't skilled at video games because they are so repetetive and boring? As for the other "failures", maybe they weren't failures, just things you've tried and aren't interested in, either. It's a very positive thing that you are experimenting with lots of different things, because now, in your youth, is the time to be doing that. I know lots of people who didn't discover their true avocation until college or beyond - and it turned out to be something they'd never thought of. Maybe all those people who tell you not to worry, you'll find the thing you love, know what they're talking about!

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Very few people actually fail at everything. Many people are aware of their failings, but don't consider their achievements as relevant.

So what if you suck at video games? They aren't even a key part of a successful life.

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Oh please! Stop it. They pity party needs to end. You're alive. You're healthy. You're young. I see so many people complaining about unimportant things instead of being appreciative of what they do have. There are positives in your negatives but you're too focused on trying to get attention to the negatives that you're overlooking them.

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Don't be so hard on yourself. If you fail at something you love, either try again or move on. There's no point in hating yourself for not being perfect. You'll never be happy if you can't stop feeling sorry for yourself.

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Just restart learning the values of life. Before his/her death, nobody is to be concluded as good or bad, successful or lost, useful or lousy...

Life is not a series of accomplishments; it is a glorious journey or monotonous promenade, depending on the person's final breath!

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a wise soul once told me (in the depths of despair over my failed life) to imagine the best, most wonderful and happiest life... and to be/do it. it's a choice, as is everything else in life.

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I know how you all feel. My life is total crap. So much that I associate myself with toilet paper or a doormat. You know the feeling (nothing but crap paper). When I was younger I used to wish that God will take me back. Or maybe he won't because I am worthless, useless, dumb, stupid, ugly. My mom used to take me to a therapist, That crap was a waste of time and money. I found out that my ***** donor(father) was a wicked man. And now I am paying for his sins. Thank you DAD. you should have just thrown that useless juice in a condom and in the trash to spare me this HORRIBLE life. Worst part now I am married with 5 kids. So I can't even kill myself. Who gonna take care of them. I am so stupid and dumb. I hate myself

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I know how you feel. I'm crying here too, for you, because I'm crying for myself. Add that to the "times when I feel sorry for myself" list. I realize life is a pain if you always think there's a pain killer - the easy way out. You feel safe when you hide behind your insecurities, but it only gets worse if you get into the habit. I'm nervous all the time because I I get nervous about being nervous. I allowed myself to be a complete failure - subconsciously or whatever . I think we are addicted to thinking negatively, and it seems like a never ending black hole. There is a solution, sure, but try explaining that to me now. I sincerely hope you've found it though.

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