If you split up?
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Higher tax rate when incomes become combined and more costly to separate if it doesn't work out.

But I do agree that I would love to see more people making a marriage commitment rather then cohabitation. It just sets better all the way around if you live up to what it is supposed to be.

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For those that aren't religious it can be the right choice. Sometimes people don't want to mingle finances. Some people don't believe in marriage. Some people just like things the way they are. There are advantages to it...but if you share property, children, or need them involved in your medical care you may need to make arrangements with a lawyer, because the laws haven't quite caught up to the cultural reality.

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The definition of commonlaw marriage is as follows:

A union of two people not formalized in the customary manner as prescribed by law but created by an agreement to marry followed by Cohabitation.

If a couple living together has intent to marry, the woman may assume her husband-to-be's last name, or they may file joint tax returns, in order for their union to be legally commonlaw.

Commonlaw marriages are only recognized in 10 states in the US:

Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire (posthumously), Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah) and in the District of Columbia.

There is no such thing as a commonlaw divorce. You can get out of a commonlaw marriage as easily as you got into one.

It is a myth that any two people who live together for more than seven years are automatically commonlaw man and wife.

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Well I don't really want to get biblical about this but its starts there that its written in sight of God its not right for two male and female to live together and not be married its wrong same way having sex and not married is also wrong but ya times have changed people change I'm not saying its right but that's what it is to me living with the person gives you a better insight as to whom you may want to marry to see learn the behavior etc then ya from there if you like what you see then ya make plans get married but if not its not a good idea to stay living together best to be each living separately maybe that way it helps the relationship gain more structure more based on what's important and not just sex

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Thanks for being "biblical "..surely you can't be a Christian with that username..hmm!

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It's is only legally binding if it can be proven I guess.

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I know a couple who don't marry because of financial differences. He is a gambler and she likes to have money in the bank.

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