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Usually for similar reasons that women cheat.

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Why do women cheat?

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well obviously its not just MEN who cheats!

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because THEY CAN so they will- as long as they can get away with it

sometimes for a guy Sex is sex- and when they aren't getting anything at home they go next door thinking - that will make them more content

like oppa said WOMAN cheat as well- and for equal - greater or lesser reasons sometimes

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women cheat too... ask my ex who cheated on me. im a guy and iv never cheated ever.... comes down to people and their morals. if they cheat on you then they arnt worth your time ...period.

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Number of reasons

~ for the thrill

~ something in relationship missing

~ to get caught (easy breakup)

~ too drunk

~ bored

~ not happy

~ not getting it at home

~ ego boost

~ the person was a movie star

~ Bucks/Hens night

& so on.

Best Answer person cannot fill the void....find others

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because of the gravity :))

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It's just a f u kin ace.

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