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I dunno....we have a brain too...but don't always use it.

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All fetus start out female. Then during gestation differintiate to male or stay female. Some characteristics remain such as nipples.

If men did not have them then they would not pass this trait on to their children. Half the time this would be a baaaad thing.

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Yes, it would. I never thought about that! Thanks for the eye opener!

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It's likely that they were more useful at some time in the distant past or else they wouldn't be there :). Maybe as a child survival mechanism in case the female didn't survive long enough to breast feed.

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We all start out as female in our mothers womb.

Its not only the nipples that both sexs share.

Have a closer look between you and your bf genitals.

You would be amazed on the similarities.

Have a real close look at that 'seam' that runs from front to back on his scrotum.

The males scrotum is the females labia that has fused together and his testies are female overies that has dropped down.

Besides size, the penis and **** are the same.

And that is only the outside, both male and females also share hormones.

Understand that and you understand me.

Well you wanted an answer.

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So they can b suck on

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I think we used to be girls back in our in utero days.

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Nipples are one of those physical things men and women share. They are fun for both - although a woman's nipples develop for a purpose.

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That is the way of the first food for a infant. So it is not just a sexual part. Its seems likes something divine.

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hehehe.. for what i know its does have some use for the asia men.. cheers from Singapore.

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