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he aint lying men dont need a reason to be sexual just opportunity ever hear of hookers

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How serious was the kiss? Once again, you women expect men to be complex..they aren't...they do what feels good

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It has happened several times to me. Once in front of her hubby! That was a complete surprise to me. I did not even like this woman. Turns out she had the Hots for me and I didn't know it. I just thought she had gone and gotten weird or something!

I had NO SUCH feelings for her. She used New Years as her excuse to pull this off. And she wouldn't quit either. I had to pry her away from me. So hell yes **** like that does happen.

A guy doesn't always know when a woman is into him or not. Some he likes the idea and some he does not. There is no reason to lie about that. Perhaps the worried woman has a few lies of her own triggering the doubt! Men are pretty much straight up.

And believe it or not they will NOT nail anything in a skirt. Some are more picky. For them it is NEARLY everything in a skirt. And another group may enjoy the thought they can have a woman if they want but will not act on it. They are flattered. Myself, I am more picky about my targets.

Which ones are they? The ones I did go to bed with. Might not have been when we met either. Yes ALL women are targets but not all will be "the" target. Some women are only meat and others you want to enjoy as a treat. I prefer the treat.

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What lie do you think he told?

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I don't lie.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go sip 300 year old Wine out of a solid gold challis while lounging in the pool aboard my yacht that is floating in a giant pool aboard a converted cruise ship.

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Yeah where's the lie?

Woman lie too.

Another thing just because you kiss someone don't mean you care about them.

Maybe you find them attractive and that's it.

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Where is the lie?

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