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I have notice that the vulva of a thinner woman is more accessible. Fat chicks should take notice. Partly, I am being silly.....The other part is serious as a heart attack.

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Fat people are more prone to disease and usually die earlier.

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maybe because thin people has more confidence about themselves than fat people.

there's a stigma in society that thin is beautiful. you can be too fat, but almost no girl regret when they lose their weight.

so this thin people, even if they are too thin, some people will still judge them beautiful. from there, they get their confidence.

and it's always feel more comfortable to be with someone who are comfort with themselves.

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Being thin or rather being slim and fit is a sign of health. Someone who eats the right foods, excersices, dresses well and keeps up this regime are heathier and therefore more attractive. This is all made possible by the times we live in. Food is readily available. It's downright plentiful in the Western world.

Accoridng to Darwin, we pick out a mate based on qualities we wanna pass on to our offspring. So go figure, most people want to mate with a thin person who is more likely live longer due to their lifestyle.

During the 18th century... being overweight meant you were wealthy and healthy because only the rich could afford to stuff themselves while the poor struggle to survive yet another famine. Women centuries ago weren't depicted in paintings as skinny and docile. Being fat and fluffy was in... nobody wants to mate with a skinny malnourished peasant, it often meant they were the ones riddled with disease. But as we all know nobody in the past centuries lived long.

In out time... where we belong. Our life expectancy is so much longer. The ideals of the past are stuck in the past. It's quite possible that a fat person could out live a skinny one because of our stupid extreme diets that either extend or shorten your life span. All it comes down to is your personal genetics and personal tastes. My guess is if people prefer thinner bodies it's probably because the human form is quite beautiful and they do not want to see any imperfections in it.

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Maybe you will find the answer in every media advertisement ever focused on womans appearance and how we are visually subjected to these images every single day whether we want to be or not.

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I stand by my earlier answer.... that society/media has played a huge role in this... it has pics of only smaller people looking happy and lovin' life... and they call "plus size" people someone who is a size 10... really? Years ago the average size was a ten.. now we praise a size O as something to be held as great and admired. We focus so much on looks and shape instead of heart and soul... it's sad really....

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It's human nature: Visually more appealing but not necessarity to everyone. Too thin may not be appealling to some; whereas fit and toned is more appealing than overweight. I believe its the inside you need to look at. I know many who are visually impeccable but wouldn't want to hang out with them mainly because they have nothing good to offer other than their narcistic selves. I do believe in taking care of yourself but firstly in being kind and good to others.

Good question, I don't know that answer!

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Where does the impression come from that fat people don't take care of themselves rather health wise or hygienically?

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