New theory is that Adam Lanza, a super-smart but shy nerd, killed those people because his mother was signing him up to be put into care. No mention of any bullying. Just one small thing seems to make nerds snap and I'm wondering why. Geeks don't snap as easily but it seems such small things can set nerds off to become a mass-murderer. If they're so smart why do they act so emotionally/irrationally?
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not so much a nerd thing as a crazy people thing. Most nerds deal with life like everyone else. Some people are just weaker than others.

There is never an excuse for walking into a school and killing children. I don't care how much he was bullied. I was bullied in school a lot. I might have wished terrible things to happen to my tormentors but I never wanted to take a gun to school and start shooting random people.

So don't blame the nerds, okay?

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I'm not sure which kids fall into your "nerds" category but I know for the most part kids snap after years of social torment and sometimes physical abuse they get to that point where they just lose it

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I always thought nerds were those guys that you picked on in school that grew up to be your boss.

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Nerds means educated.

Nothing is wrong with that. That doesn't cause people to act that way.

Mental disorders cause people to act that way.

Lanza was deranged.

Good job at sounding like a moron.

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I don't think it's about nerds and geeks, but it's about a paranoia syndrome.

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how the frak should we know.. we're not fraking loony bin insane....

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