I asked a question meant for answers from spiritual people about how do they deal with problems. I stated that I wasn't interested in answers from anyone who might make wise cracks about not believing in God. All of the responses except for one, people (believers and non believers) assumed that I have done nothing toward working on my problems. They all blasted me for only praying and having faith. Even the one exception almost seemed to assume the same thing but the person was a bit more understanding. Of course I gave that person best answer.
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If you're not clear in the way you pose a question, people will fill in the gaps based on their own point of view. Sometimes when you are clear in the question people still decide on their own take on it. Using the faith scenario as an example, notice how many religions all base their beliefs on the same God, using the same bible, each is reading the same text but coming up with very different takes on it. The written word is subjective.

Mostly, people here answer a question in the way they think is helpful or right, it might not be the answer you want, but what is good for you is not always what you want. Consider brussels sprouts, not the most pleasant taste, not easy to swallow, but very good for you. It's your choice whether you want to take them in or push them aside, the ones that annoy me are the ones that simply delete any answer they don't like, if only other things in life were so easy to delete, like the truth...

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Assume = *** out of u and me

*** u me

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They all always assume - the stupider, the 'smarter' - they all always "assume". I can never understand why.

This is NOT a smart solution.


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Because it makes it easy for them/us (Even though I wasn't involved, I probably would have done the same :( ) to express bigoted opinions. The justification for such is "Well, you didn't say otherwise."

People assume because it's easy to do.

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I was bought up in "THE CHURCH"

My friend was the local priest!...I was in the Church Choir,

A Youth Group Leader, An Altar Person and a Lay reader!

I watched as I saw how the Vicar was treated...For a group of people to treat a man of the cloth like that

was not a good thing!...I was 17 at the time and he considered ME as his best Friend!

Now, is it any wonder, I am agains't ALL RELIGION?

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Laziness ... egotism ... mentally dull ...

Instead of actually listening and following up with questions - that is, have real dialogue - they project their limited world onto others. Something like that ...

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our deepest apologies for assuming such - could it have been the way you stated the question?

everybody works on their problems - we assume that as well - but we also assume that the reason you ask is a block in your path.

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