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For instance, why do men who were once interested in you suddenly don't want you to know that they are interested in someone new. Wouldn't that just make it easier? It's been six monthes and I feel like my excrush is "hiding" his love life from me. I rather he just act like its no big deal. Yes it hurts, but I always told myself that if a guy moves on, then so should I bc then he really isn't worth it. He took some time to and I'm grateful for that but I don't need him to hide it all. It makes me feel weird about myself. He blocked me 6 monthes ago but I found out and he didn't block the family fb and I didn't add him on that but I did confront him from there. I deactivated everything two monthes ago so I could concentrate on my applications for graduate studies and I activated 4-5days ago. I did check his yesterday...and he no longer has a relationship status up or wall availabe ot the public. Like my setting, ironically. I did in May bc I decided that if he didn't care to keep me as a friend then he didn't deserve to know whts up with my life.
sarakh1 sarakh1 22-25, F 4 Answers Aug 29, 2010

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i think there are a number of reasons, one is that they just dont want you to know something , the other is they may not want to hurt you , but little do they know it's worse not knowing ,yes it still hurts but atleast you know where you stand and you can move on.

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