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I would say HATE is the wrong word

I would be saying some people are paranoid or ignorant to another persons emotional or mental problems

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i think a lot of people are just intolerant.

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some people may not know if another is effected my such disablities, others may lack patence or may not know how to properly deal with situations and problems, me for instance I don't know what to do when I see children crying i'm like OMG call an ambulance the kids probably injured. then the parent checks the kid out and says it's only a scratch. and I feel less then usefull.

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I think some may be impatient, not knowing how to respond to them.

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You got it all wrong, there. There are no learning problems, only teaching problems, no dyslexia only dysteachia.

As for emotional and mental problem.... if you don't have these, you are probably dead.

Now don't you think it is not hatred but jealousy that the others have for the ones you mentioned

I was a crossdreser. I am not one. I pity those who weren't because they have missed half the world

I was not a good student. I had to learn more that the others and guess what I never stopped learning

Still do

Look at the 1700 questions I answered. I am glad I was a bad student

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Unfortunately many of us are ********.

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Because they cannot control themselves and get spooked easily and do whatever first respond told them to.

It take somebody who can go into something new with a open mind and being willing to listen and try to see things from others PoV.

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Because they are mean.....I love everyone ...I see the beauty in everyone too...

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