It seems the only way people will stop being in your business is if you just let them believe you're in a relationship or if you tell them you are otherwise they just keep snooping....even in the it's not a work space question unless someone tells you they are interested in you or encourages you in a major way stay away from those type of questions! Then also regular friends outside of work, if I told you I was single and I aint mentioned nobody to you and I aint brought noone round to see you then nothing has changed....why you gotta ask somebody who they are with every other time you see them.....mind your business until someone gives you a reason to get in theirs (a reason being they bring it up to you)....
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I know what you mean, as when i say im happy being single people think i am lieing and start asking a hundred questions! And my male so called friends say i must like women now that i'm off men!!!! lol

But what i say to them is " i'm not ready to get hurt" meaning: when you start going out with someone its always the best few months ( the honey moon ) but then comes the headache and argueing, we all argue with love 1's but when you are with your partner and you get hurt it really dose take its tow on the relationship! People always say not all men will hurt u! but i belive, man or women will hurt each other coz we all want different things! and it takes time to except that the person might be or might not be what you want!

You dont need to say anything to them mall minded people, if they ask, say will pride you single and happy, if u say it in a way that ur scared of there response, then they will think ur saying it like you dont mean it. Smile and walk away, they will just look at u and think good on u.

Good luck with the narrow minded people

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Because they are close minded, and they think what makes them happy, makes everybody else happy. They don't understand that every person has their own idea of happiness. There is no point in trying to explain anything to them. Tell them to mind their own business.

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you should just be honest and tell them your happy being single. some people in my life give me a hard time occasionally sarcasm usually shuts them up.

i think the people in your life stressing you are jealous.

screw em

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they have a hard time with you being single because they are unhappy with what they have chosen for themselves.

you go girl! Live your life as you see fit.

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Because ppl are STUPID Kiddo. But stuff what ANYONE else thinks :)

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