I am laughed at everyday because I'm quiet. I AM NOT PARANOID. I am right 95% of the time. I am made fun of, ridiculed, and laughed at on a daily basis. I was verbally bulied since the 6th grade. I am now in the 12th grade. If I had to estimate how many people that have talked about me, made fun of me, ridiculed and laughed at me, about 70 people and counting. It starts off with one person picking on me, then passes it on to others, and then I become a target/victim to a growing number of students who are catching on to the bullying trend like an epidemic. Even some of my former teachers have joined in the harassment and laughed at me. My parents are the same, they make fun of me, embarass me, and laugh at me most of the time. Sometimes they would yell at me "Stop moping around and crying! Get over yourself!" I've tried to talk to them about how they mistreat me, but they don't see nay harm in what they're doing. Occasionally, I have suicidal thoughts and last week, I've started to cut myself with a razor blade. I cut myself because I have no empathy, comfort, or compassion from anyone in my life. I hate myself because I'm tired of crying almost everyday. I cut myself because I''ve been severely bullied, hated, harassed, tormented, and abused by everyone that I have encountered. I cut myself because I hate myself with a passion. Why should I give a damn about myself? I'm a worthless, less than a human loser who is beneath everybody. If you don't think so, then why does everybody including my parents treat me like ****? I'm so ******* sick and tired of people laghing at me for being an introvert. For once, I would like to make fun and laugh at sombody who is like me. Is there anyone, righ now, who is laughed at by alot of people constantly everyday like me? Or used to be? I feel so alone and need someone to talk to.
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You sound extremely unhappy,and need to get to the root of your pain. May take time. Pople who feel forced to cut themselves, are suffering a lot. I have a friend in that position. Every sympathy.

Without knowing more, hard to understand. But I'm sure you have some answers ?

I would suggest contacting Samaritans, where trained listening volunteers, there because they really care, are available 24 hours a day. In 40 countries Worldwide, 31,000 volunteers. They are ordinary folk, who make time, and don't judge. Just like an ideal friend would ?

You can email, text, write a letter, call 24 hour, or visit if nearby. Start at : .

Service global, and Google these days flags up Samaritans automatically. You will get help, but not miracles. For that aspect, see : .

Very best of luck. You have made a start. Remember you are the expert. I'm sure you can Message any of us ?


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i was bullied too, it started at home, if you feel bullied by your parents they might be emotionally abusive, look up emotional abuse, i think this is the first thing you need to learn how to fix, most of your troubles probably stem from this.

at school they don't laugh because of who you are, they laugh because of how you act, they can sense that you are insecure and an easy target, the people who would see sadness or insecurity as a weakness and exploit it are ********. period. you don't deserve that ****. please believe that.

if this sounds familiar your parents might be narcissists

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i think you are on the money. What she is describing (re: her parents) is not normal healthy parent behaviour and (re: her suicidal thoughts) is not normal teenage growing pains. Other people who answered this thread were silly to minimize her troubles.

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Have you tried laughing with them?...It sounds ridiculous,and i don't know your particulars etc...but when we learn to laugh at ourselves,.believe me it can help...Cutting i would say is no laughing matter and is going in the wrong direction..You deserve rewards for your struggles,.not punishment..

Usually if you look from other angles,.there will be a better way to see things...

For instance,.my lack of parental upbringing,.my negligent childhood.....gave me freedom and the excuse to be feral..The suicidal tendencies became high adventure and thrills....

Anyway,.just go easy on yourself...If people are getting a laugh,.then you have a gift..

Laughter is the best medicine (you could say to them)..Take it as a compliment??

Use your disadvantage to advantage...Think about that...Decide to do it...Good Luck:)

(pm me if you want....up to you)

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Well don't cut or hurt yourself it feeds their ridicule. Go try to spend some time with someone in the same place as you're at with this give them a friend to lean on and you'll get the same in return. Try to be strong and ignore the pain they enjoy focusing on you. Then remimber it's a small mind that has to impress their friends by bruitalizing others faults not their own.

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99% of all the mean people who treat you this way are forced to do so by society. they compete for survival in the real world by being as competitive as they can or they lose their job and their livelihood. competition in modern society is nearly 100% a mind game, this isn't the stone age where if you didn't like the cut of someones jib you could clobber them to death with a rock. the battle is fought now mentally, and it is just as brutal as ever

dog eat dog comes to mind. they are on autopilot, having accepted this mode of behavior many years ago and are now very experienced at competing in life, albeit by being mean to people. for some that is just how life works for them. you have to pick your own battles and realize that most of the mean people are just ordinary people who choose to blow off steam that way

when you are down at the bottom of society, have a disability etc, these taunts are very damaging. but, you must be strong and get your life together and rise above. then you will be at a place in life where people will still be mean to you, but it will no longer cause you any suffering. at that time you will understand why they act that way and you can be thankful that you do not have to act that way

oprah said it best (this is not an exact quote but it went something like this):

if people are mean to you in life, you might be persuaded to better yourself and work towards improving those things which you feel those people were being mean about. but, those same people will never stop treating you that way no matter how you improve your life, even if you rise far above them in every way. so don't worry about them

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I know how you feel! I have been laughed at a lot, by some people who didn't take me seriously.

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I understand every word you say..... i have been like this all my life. i am an inteligent kind harted and normal looking guy, i know how to go with people and joke arouund, i give advice, i listen to others and help others..... BUT FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON WHICH I LOOKED ALL MY, LIFE IM NEVER EVEN FOR A MINUTE POPULAR! PEOPLE HATE ME, THEY JOKE FROM MY BACK AND LAUGH AT ME FOR UNKNOWN REASONS! i am a rational person and believe that there is a reason for everything and that this is something i am seeing..... but believe me you try how much you try it hapens again and you see it with your own eyes! people who used to talk to me have stoped, everyone treating me kind of weird , you come in to work nobody notices and as soon as some other comes in, everyone is chearful.... no,its not paranoia, these things although i cannot explain truly happen, my worst axiety is because i have nothing wrong wih me. look better than most people around me, more inteligent for sure, but in any way i never hurt any one. although i dont believe in supernatural, sometimes i believe that there are forces that we still cannot understand because i found an answer to almost everything in life but this is something which do not make sence but yet it still happening to me and it destroys your life your mind and your soul. its the worst thing that can happen to anyone....worse than life in prison and worse than death itself..

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I'm not going to sugar coat this for you but you need to stand up for yourself. My friend was constantly bullied and then one day she had had enough of it and punched this girl in the face who constantly made fun of her and made her cry and she peed her pants in front of the whole school and nobody taunted her again, ever! I know violence isn't good, but sometimes some ***&^%^ just need to be taught a lesson with their own medicine. Personally, I am a mother and if my daughter was ever bullied, I would get the bully and make them watch me beat the s&^% out of their mothers. Lesson learnt.

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I feel the exact same everytime I go out. Everybody thinks I have paranoia. I AM NOT PARANOID. I AM SURE OF THIS. THOSE F***ing HIPOCRITES WHO LOOK LIKE PIGS they think they are better than me and starts laughing at me.

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I know what you going through. I was, and am bullied for the way I look, speak and think (Acne + glasses + tendancy to be top of class + shy and quiet)

I would suggest contacting childline (0800 1111) or samaritans (08457 90 90 90)

Please don't self harm, it could and almost definitely will make it worse.

Whatever you do, don't go suicidal. Remove those thoughts from your head. Even if it seems impossible, think happy man. You will pull through tis. If it gets so bad you can't handle it any more, contact the police. Not sure about this but I think they can help.

Look on the bright side, even if it seems impossible. You will pull through

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that's a valid point, but that mentality is a key part of the NPD and BPD illnesses... whether she actually has BPD, or is trapped in a family that is ruled by NPD, i.e. narcissist parents. When someone is experiencing no love, and receiving only pain, and feels helpless to reflect that pain back to its source, you can see how passing it on to someone weaker can seem like the only option.

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Do what I did. I put up with it until college and then I left all of them and never returned. They call me stuck up, evil and they say I have betrayed the family. But so what. After that treatment, I have nothing to do with them.

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Hey im 13

No one likes me

I dont like anyone

People laugh at me

I dont care

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Hey... i know how you feel...i'm getting lauget every day ...

i'm 15 years old and no one want to hang out with me...

i think they makeing funn of me and laugh at me beacuze im ugly...i think this is reason....

for example: im going out and i see people's when they see me they just start to laugh at my face and makeing funn of me... im sick and tired of that...i hate my life so much .... peoples in my age (15) they have party right now ....and im at home cuz im afraid if im going at party they will just start to make funn of me...and i don't like this-...

i everyday think about suacide...

i don't like my life I HATE IT !



MY SCHOOLMATE (Anthony) he have such a respect everyone respect him so much....he have all girls he want he have everything he's beautiful and anything...BUT ME IM UGLY ( I THINK) PEOPLE MAKE FUNN OF ME THEY DON'T RESPECT ME AT ALL!...AND I NEVER HAD GIRLFRIEND....I HAVE NO ONE TO TELL THIS SO IM TYPEING THIS TO THIS SITE :)





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Listen. Do not kill yourself. People, especially siblings, can be mean and cruel. You can move away from all of then when you grow up. You can reinvent yourself when you grow up. Here is the real trick. Put up barriers and don't become emotionally attached to any othem. That's when they can really hurt you. Sorry to be so mean, but you have to develop a survival strategy. Imagine, if you were to love them and how they would and could hurt you even more. Bring on the walls and barriers around you. Thats how to survive this.

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To be frank with you, I am almost the exact same as you. I feel as if I'm foreign, because it seriously feels like I'm speaking a different language at school. My jokes, pop culture references, or basically anything I say, is treated to silence and ridiculing stores. These girs at my school, and often guys who consider themselves high and mighty, laugh at me and treat me like a colorful exhibit at the zoo, but I'm not sure if they know me enough to judge me. My teachers, well, one in specific, has got to be the most condescending, pompous piece of crap that I've ever met, and the truly messed up part of it, is that I'm the only one that she treats in this manner. If you like, I can tell you something about myself that only my two closest friends in school know about me. I'm a survivor of cancer, leukemia, to be specific, and I have been struggling to re-accustom myself to the pace in which my high school classes run. During my undergoing of chemotherapy, my chemical imbalances would evoke many thoughts of hopelessness and death, but something kept me from the excessively easy resort of suicide. The belief that I could be great. My opposition only fueled my writing, and I write satires that target my opponents. I don't reveal any of my writing to those who ridicule me, because it is so profoundly morbid and dark that would render me responsible for countless suicides at my school. What am I bringing to your table? Well, I wouldn't say that you have many disadvantages that stand in your way, but you definitely have a lot of firewood to burn. My friend, although I sympathize with your dilemma, I am reluctant to pity you, because you have potential. You're the one with the magnifying glass, so let these ants have it. It's a sunny day, isn't it?

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are you fat or obese or blind or wear glasses

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My friend your not alone out there, i get tons of people laughing at me everyday, am not sure if is because i look funny or because am asia but i don't give a s*** at the end they are losers we are so much better then they are. they are kids not mature enough not knowing what is this world coming into. I get laughed everyday and always asked myself why are they laughing at me and i feel depressed after that but life goes on, don't let those people put you down like that, stick your head high up and be proud of who you are. Trust me, killing yourself is NOT an option to all the answers your looking for. killing yourself meaning you rather die on their hands all the people who laughed at you? why not give yourself a chance to be a better person and live life to full. there are so many times in the past i wanted to kill myself but why should i? i have to fight for my rights and stand up for myself. Trust me my Friend we are all here for

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You're somebody, and you're not worthless, you just have to believe in yourself, if you don't believe in yourself then who would believe in you?

you know you're not what they call you, you know yourself better than any of them, stop letting them hurt you, they won't hurt you unless you let them to, be happy, and learn to love yourself. : ]

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i was laughed at since i was in around 7 till 16years of age. i use to walk with my head down (literally), i cannot make eye contact with another life form for many years due to my insecurities cos i know people are patronizing me. until a point where i had enough of joining people hating me. so, i thought maybe it is my fault. so, i changed my self. i change my habit, i change my clothes, my hair style, my attitude. not to impress but to feel better about me self. and then, remarkably, i jump out the slums in my head. and became the confident and happy person that i am now. so dont be too depress cos there is a way out. cutting your self is the easy way out. you are better than that. you are better than any of those people. but you just got to be a butterfly. dont stay in your cocoon till you rot. fly away, its cool. :) all the best. *hugs

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First of all, how 'bout GIVING yourself a BREAK? I bet if you learn to laugh at yourself, maybe you'll see how easy it is to laugh at others...? Stop taking everything so freakin' seriously.... life can be fun if you loosen up a lil bit. Chillax, Ma-an!

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I tried this growing up. It didnot work for me. Laughing with them, only made me feel like an idiot and it made them even meaner to me. Sometimes,you have to just walk away and get as far from them as possible!

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