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We at the front desk are not nurses...we do office work....why are u asking me if a medication can be taken while breast feeding..why didn't u ask the doctor before u left the room.. And now the doctor and nurses are with other patient and you can't figure out why u have to wait for an answer. Really? Why are you asking front desk people about your bowl movements...If I were to know..I be wearing a white coat and making a lot more money.
WarriorCatGrl WarriorCatGrl 36-40, F 1 Answer Mar 9, 2012

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lol I don't know, but it must get frustrating.

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ya, its been one of those weeks. I've been so stressed and tired of people yelling at me about things that are out of my control. I feel like they pay me to get yelled at all day by cranky old people.

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that's awful. I hope your weekend is better.

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