They'll say it got "too late" into the evening, or that they're "drained". I think these boys lie to me. Do they just enjoy being moronic? Do they break plans on purpose?
1990cupcake 1990cupcake 18-21 8 Answers Jul 19, 2009

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Im guessing you are young... like early teens.

Yes, boys who are teenagers are morons... :D

People don't think.. they just loosely make plans and don't really place any emphasis on them... or they are easily distracted by other plans that come up.. or they possibly these boys couldn't get out of the house, but were too embarrassed to tell you.. oh my mom wouldn't let me go.

Next time set actual times and get info. If they say... oh ya we will call ya later... know that they will probably blow you off.

Make plans with people you can count on, then if you want, include these guys and say.. hey we will be going here if you want to join us. That way you are out and having fun whether they show up or not!!


don't feel too sad or down... these boys will grow up and be mature young men someday soon. Hang in there :D

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You know what, I think they are lying. I just had it happen to be yesterday. He called at 1:00pm and planned the date for 7:00pm but then called four hours late and said he was "exhausted." Exhausted! You did not do anything today, buthole.

Okay, sorry about that but they keep doing it must be because they are lying. (I am kind of ticked at the moment)

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umm, sometimes it could be a legitimate reason (not an excuse). A lot can happen in a single minute, so leave those hard-to-get-out-of situations aside. mostly, its because someone knows that they can break it off and get away with it. Basically they don't care enough to stand by their commitment. I really believe if that if someone wants to make the effort, they do, if they don't, then there's something which catches their fancy more than being with you.

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haha. Normally the reason is that the person is an ******* and likes to pretend that their trivial, frivolous things they can do anytime are more important than spending quality time with you, and they are more important to themselves than you are to them. People that are shallow flaky and self-centered with a superiority complex.

In your case, if it involves the opposite sex it means they are stringing you on but actually don't like you so give up on them, stop trying or look desperate and waste your energy.

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Cause nothing is set in stone...

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People are fickle ******.

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