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Depends on the individual and their level of psychosis:

For some it is a twisted power trip to exert ultimate power and control or even revenge over an individual.

For others it can be the result of drug (typically cocaine) induced sexual dysfunction resulting in an escalating un satiable `Paraphilia` (sexual arousal).

Their victims range from people they know to random acts of violence. The more sophisticated the psychosis is, the more clever and deceptive a rapist can be.

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It's about power and control. Anyone can be a target. They want that control to power over someone. My guess is they do it because they know they can. There are other reasons why but still never an excuse. The worst part is they don't feelan sort of remorse for it.

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Because they are evil people who should be shot on sight.

And usually they just chose random with the first women they see,

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just has to be a person who looks vulnerable to be attacked enough to the rapist. It could be anyone. There are statistics I'm sure, but anyone could be a victim.

A desire to dominate and destroy something "pure" or something else, depends on how the rapist sees it.

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They stock peple and the have sex with them by force duh .....

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anger, a sense of power

They go for people they perceive as vulnerable.

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Ask John Wayne Gacy.

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