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Because they are insecure and feel that being the center of attention makes them popular, better than others, prettier or whatever else they are insecure about.

Do not hate them. Do not be angry with them. Pity them, as their actions are actually a cry for help, not attention.

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they think thats being loved

they wanna be praised

fame is a hell of a drug

to cover their insecurities

to feel worth

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It is part of the life theme they are perfecting.

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its just their nature. why do some people just sit quietly in a corner and observe people?

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because they are desperate for attention.they are scared of their down fall scared to accept reality so they'll do whatever it takes to gain back there fame.thats just sad

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Because their imagination is underdevelopped.

How six billions pairs of eyes would focus on

one face or one name, or one creature?

If that could be the case, what good did the man get?

Such desire is more unpratical than sitting on the moon

to watch the immense universe.

Most people desire other things when they become

more mature.

Anyhow, life is changing, mind is changing, we are judging

and we will also realize that all our judgments are false,

including all what I am writng in this page.

Just go ahead and develop one's own wisdom.

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