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Or call it hobbies. So, I am walking with this girl who is really into dogs, there is almost nothing else on her facebook page, wishes to open a dog kennel. And I point to a dog we pass by, and shes like.. "Nahh" saying its a silly or ugly dog. I meet up with another girl whos really into horses, owns many herself, all her life she had horses. And we visit a beach which just happens to have an event in action with horses. Horse trailers all over the place. And I am like "Great. funny, what a coincidence. Maybe we can take a look at that", but she shows no interest at all. I speak with someone who says they like to "observe people", their into sociology or phycology. Which I am too. But gets rather offensive or not interested. When I mention something about them, or suggest a taking a test, which I had been taking.. It could be fun to compare results. But no. Why?, anyone noticed this too?. I am "guilty" aswell I know.
mirkwood86 mirkwood86 26-30, M 4 Answers Aug 28, 2014 in Community

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When someone says they like to observe people they probably do but may find you suggesting they take a test or take it to another level an imposition.. Could also be they are interested but not THAT interested. Maybe you are misinterpreting the degree of their liking. Also, a lot of people are interested in doing things but they'd rather do it on their own time, you know take their own sweet time. Also, mood is a factor.

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True, yes, yeah.

Yes we like to take our sweet time with Things.
It is also rather annoying when someone seems to show more interest befor you get to yourself.. or befor you get to show things of interest to another, befor they do.

Also it can seem fake when someone shows interest..
Intrusive, or feel like you cant have anything for yourself.
But its just.. hmm.. to be polite.. To be interested in what someone else does.

.... Was just something that striked me the other day...
Usually when someone shows interest in what I am doing, questions me, takes part, curious, etc.. I start rambling about it,

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People who are really into something are likely to be quite discerning about it. Lots of dog people don't like certain breeds, for example.

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True.. Was about to say that dog people, espesially breeders are super picky, harsh people.
But then, I also like certain breeds over others.

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Anything goes

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