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hello, laceset34

maybe small minds?



i can only come up with negatives

respect, from robbie

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It's a terrible trend

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I think its fear or simply looking for a reason to add more pictures to facebook. I know among women its mainly a competition thing and bragging rights. Then again most of these women are going to be divorced in their 40's

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They're marrying because they're 'in love'. The way I see it, they're in love with the idea of 'being in love', but don't have a clue of what love in the long term means.

It's true, that in the past, people did marry in their teens quite commonly, but those were less selfish and self-interested times, and the marriages lasted with success.

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I have not experienced this to be true where I am. I have gathered it to have been much more common 20 to 30+ years ago.

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