Slavery was abolished in the states in 1865 and in canada in 1833 so there is no one still alive today that is directly affected by slavery (yes I am sure there are still some cases where someone was held against their will but that is not common practice now). So how can people hate each other today for it? I am white and I am disgusted by the fact that slavery ever happened. That being said I do not hate myself for it as I was not alive at that time and I didn't make those choices. So how can someone who has never been a slave be mad at people who have never been slave owners because someone the same color as them was a slave owner over 150 years ago?
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Re the situation in American, because slavery might have been banned after the Civil War, but the lot of Southern Blacks soon returned to near-slave conditions within a few years, Whites reasserted their dominance over Blacks for decades, etc. Blacks who actually believed they were free to live their lives, vote, etc., soon had to face the KKK and other groups. It's not just the history of the slavery, but the history of post-Emancipation hatred, bigotry, terror, and murder. I'm old enough that when I was a child lynchings in the South were still common.

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I sympathize with you that you had to experience lynchings. That is horible for me to even comprehend.

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I didn't actually experience them, growing up where I did, but they were still very much part of the American Southern life when I was a child.

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We're all slaves now.

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I don't hate anyone personally because of slavery, but I'm only about 3-4 generations away from it. That's not as far as it sounds; my 80 year old father, who is still alive, met elderly relatives born into slavery when he was very small.

And there was fallout; things didn't end with the abolition of slavery; there was a whole period of legal segregation and disenfranchisement, "separate but equal", limited opportunities for education, employment, decent housing, exclusion in the military. Blacks had to fight to be allowed to fight for the armed services, and they were segregated from the main troops; they had to fight further to be allowed to be buried with white soldiers---not even equal in death. My uncle fought in the Pacific theater during WWII and was almost lynched on the train home because someone resented seeing him in uniform. Legal segregation ("Jim Crow", American apartheid) ended when I was a child, in my little lifetime.

What people resent is being told to "get over it", being given revisionist bs by those who would attempt to justify what happened."Africans sold their own people" doesn't change the fact that Europeans participated, and Americans, who supposedly founded a country based upon freedom, bought and sold human beings, bred them like animals, and sold their children (sometimes their OWN children with the women). So, no language, no culture, no family no history of anything that came before slavery, all obliterated.

And the descendants of the people who benefitted (and are still) from 200 years of free labor saying, "It's in the past ! Get over it !"

I'm not angry at individuals, that would be illogical. But when I think about it and see how disadvantaged people still are, I resent what happened. I wouldn't be human if I didn't.

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They want to be mad about something and not take responsibility of their lives would be my guess. It is easier to blame the world then try to change one's own life. A lot of the slaves that were brought over here from Africa were sold into slavery by Africans, blacks.

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A 150 years after the civil war the conservative republican party today is 87% Lilly white with an average of 22 times the wealth of blacks and 15 times that of Hispanics. It's only been in the last half century that civil rights even became an issue. Setting the slaves free did not end the abuse. In fact, by some standards they weren't all set free until half a century ago because some states would routinely round them up just for being poor and put them to work in chain gangs.

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Good question. I don't get it either. I had Nazis kill some of my ancestors during WWII, but I don't hate the Germans today. (I do hate Neo-Nazis, I will admit.) You have to blame the actual perpetrator, not the children, grand-children, and great-great-great grandchildren who may not even be aware of what went on in the past.

Besides, slavery wasn't always a racial issue. Back in Roman times, you could have a white be a slave to another white. It had to do with conquered peoples rather than skin color.

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Slavery was not a race issue in the being but at the end it was as most slaves where black.

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I can't speak for all Afro Americans, but I can assure you that I only have issue with white people who although were not alive during slavery, maintain a modern elitist slave owner mentality handed down by their grand or great grandparents who may have used slurrs and denigration in their presence. And although some people, white and black insist on doing so, it is still ignorant and foolish to hate someone based on something genetic that they had no say about like their skin tone. Thankfully, there are plenty of enlightened people on both sides who resist this kind of thinking.

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Aside from all the other informed answers I beg to differ with you on one issue.......... " there is no one still alive today that is directly affected by slavery "

I happen to be a white woman also who has spent all but 14 years of my 52 living among black people mainly.

The man I love and have lived with for over half my life as well as his 87 year old mother........who saw the after affects of slavery days.

In 1928 she saw her dad worked like a dog. Saw her older brother made to work in cold swamp water for two days because some white woman happened upon him urinating outside.

His father at age 72 had no idea that his last name was not his but that of his fathers slave master.

How many women and men are born of white slave owners who raped their mothers only to live with the " shame " of being marked as mulatto's?

In 1960 they were still hanging black men from trees and burning them alive where they hanged.

Lets not even go into the subject of separation through segration .

Just as any family passes down story's of their ancestors........can you imagine the story's shared in the family's of blacks ?

I do not agree when there is reverse prejudice in the younger generations. But some of them are still not acquainted with other races.

But for the elders of the black community's.........I give them at least that right of consideration.

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If things were equal now, and if black males, especially, had not been held back from the good paying jobs for no other reason than skin color, then the animosity would probably not exist. If black men in many areas were not hunted like animals even now (by police) this attitude would probably not happen.

i will give a couple of examples. Who has ever heard of the Tulsa "race riots" in 1921 when the whole black thriving business section of town was destroyed by whites, with absolutely no restitution. This was considered the most successful black urban community in the country. The white businessmen of that time wanted the real estate so they incited the white racist population against the black population, and helped fund a virtual war on the negro population at that time. So basically, many generations who could have benefited from the success of their parents, were left in poverty with no insurance money or any other thing to help them recover.

Another example....More recently...I heard a man speak of his black step-dad who got an engineering degree. He applied for and got a job at the Lockheed in the Seattle area. Part of the reason he got the job was because of "affirmative action" which was put in place to help people of color get jobs that they were qualified for but elbowed out of by racist employers. Apparently according to this friend, his step-dad got the job, but when Lockheed found out it was actually somehow exempt from having to follow the affirmative action rules, they let him go. Just like that. Just because they were racist and he was black. Who knows how many other people of color have gotten educated only to be elbowed out of jobs by racists. It happens every day.

So if you think that somehow slavery is long gone and we are living in some kind of new paradigm you are very wrong. Yes, slavery was abolished. But I don't really think it is the actual past that people of color are so angry about. It is the present.

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But how can you hate any ethnic group in general anymore for things that some people in that ethnic group have done? Have we not moved past that as a society and moved on to judging people for who they are not the color of their skin?

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In a perfect world. Maybe heaven..........

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Maybe I want everyone to live in a prefect world

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ummmm. I hate no one. I like people who are nice. I have a very realistic view on things and tend pick up on tension.

That being said doesn't matter if it was 150 years ago or 1000 years ago. Black people are not treated with the same respect in this world... and I say world because it is not just the US.

some people are just over touchy about things. Reality there will sadly always be racism unless we look at the real issue. And trust me there are stories on both ends.

White people in Africa are treated as 2nd class citizens. That being said Black ,Latino etc have been treated like that for years but it seems that is worse in the eyes of the world. we need to stop with the race. I have dark skin.... what of it I am human.

You have light skin what of it you're human.

I would hate to find a race of green people .... " gonna be a long life time"

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Saying black people are not treated with the same respect is categorizing the actions of some and applying them to people as a whole. I personally was raised in a very mixed family and look at everyone for who they are not the color they are.

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It doesn't matter where or how you were raised we are all human. I am just saying some get treated worse. Thats like me putting down the the white people in Africa and what they go though sorry if that's the way it sounded. I am saying that alot of people don't give others respect because of these things. This still goes on in the world for not just black people not just white people everyone. It all needs to end. Some people carry that hate and it passes on from one person to the next. But I thank you for having respect for others show what kind of strong person you are and I mean it :)

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I think they learn it from their families. Slavery has been gone for a long time but it hasn't even been half a century since racial oppression was the norm in our country. So there are still generations of passed down hatred and they don't really think for themselves, they just go with what they hear all the time, which is "white people are the enemy"

I do think that kind of mentality is slowly diminishing, though. Younger generations are generally more open minded as they haven't been through the crap their older family members and neighbors have gone through.

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