Thank you, I know it can go for both genders but never having cheated on anyone, I don't get it. Thank you for the imput, thank you all. This just makes me want to be a nun lol. Yes there are two sides but who knew this would be such a complex question. The thing is I always tried to please him, in every way and I always was nice to him and I love him, care about him, and show it. I have been an excellent lover, wife, and friend to him. I am also an excellent mother to our 4 kids. I have been faithful but he hasn't. We were friends then dated and married so what is it that could have possibly been prevented, is there anyway to stop this cycle? I haven'tlet myself go and we have had alot of fun that is in bed and not in bed, sexual and not sexual, I am always willing to do what it takes just not involving a 3rd party in it...
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The same reasons women cheat.

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i don't think so.

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sometimes affairs occur because the cheating parties truly want to leave their partner, particularly when they are married. However, very few married men leave their wife for their mistress! That is, unless their wife finds out and leaves.

Top 10 Reasons Why Men Have Affairs

sexual attraction, companionship, excitement and curiosity can pull men toward affairs.

Men are bombarded with images of women as sex objects in advertising and marketing campaigns. Over and over, the message to men is that the good life includes a procession of sexy women in their lives.

women seeking emotional fulfillment

men seeking sexual fulfillment.

The top 10 reasons why men have affairs include:

1. More sex (sometimes due to lack of sex in their relationship)

2. Sexual variety through different partners or different sexual experiences

3. Too boost their ego to feel special or still attractive to the opposite sex

4. For the thrill of the chase

5. Opportunistic sex (if the opportunity occurs, they can’t pass it up)

6. To sabotage their current relationship

7. Revenge (to get back at their partner for one reason or another)

8. A feeling of entitlement (the belief they are entitled because they work hard or are the bread winner)

9. Sexual addiction

10.To escape

women seem to be better cheaters than men: they are better at keeping their affairs under wraps and generally have an agenda for their infidelity.

By the way there are faithful men, you just have to establish a relationship with a man who is confident, loving and isn't always looking for something else...

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women cheat too, if not, just as much

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Yes!...TRULY, there is!

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Yes, truly faithful men exist. I'm one.

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Maybe because they are dissatisfied with their partner or what they have and they look for varieties. And yes the're still such thing as faithful man, and I'm fortunate enough to snag one.

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Some men (and women) cheat because they are either insecure or are arrogant.

And no, all men (or women) do not cheat! There are some people who would NEVER cheat, as they have morals. Although they are becoming rarer, we do still exist!

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Hmm. Various reasons.

1. To prove something to himself (that he's probably still attractive enough to, err, attract females)

2. To seek what's lacking from the current relationship

3. To achieve something

4. To escape from a horrible relationship

err... though, I have to say that women DO cheat, too. 'Men cheating' is just shown more by the media.

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Hmm do only men? Because my wife cheated on me 3 times that I know of and she kicked me out and married him after 17 years of marrige. Ohh but thats ok because every one I have known is against me and on her side about it. So you tell me only men cheat. Woman can be very cruel.

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One reason comes to my mind....

SELFISHNESS.....if he weren't selfish, he would not be able to do it....If he thought about the heart that he was going to break at home, he couldn't do it....if he thought about those children, whose lives will forever be affected by his selfishness, he wouldn't be able to do it....

But, the cheater doesn't think about anything but himself....his wants/needs/desires of that moment.....You can say it's because he doesn't get what he wants at home (then work on that relationship, or leave it, first)...or you could say that he needs variety (then spice up the marital bedroom, or why even get married in the first place?)....or "it just happened" (hilarious) other words, he couldn't say no....he gave into lust and his own selfish wants.....

Anyway you slice it, he's just plain selfish.

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not that I know of.

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because men have a biological urge to spread there genes.......

monogomy is just an invention of society.

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There are about as many truly faithful men as truly faithful women. Polls have shown the difference isn't great, and it's now believed that women lie more to pollsters about sexual misconduct.

Several reasons for male cheating.

1. Some men ( a minority) are "players" with extreme self-confidence, good looks, and the ability to seduce women at will. They score many conquests in their bachelor years and get used to having whatever their heart desires. Then they fall in love and get married but they never really change to a mindset of monogamy, being used to having whatever they please. Such a lifestyle provides the brain with drug-like highs, and being a bastard, if you will, is addictive.

2. Some men have wives who become sexual refusers. Living with a woman but not being able to have sex is a worse fate than monkhood. Cheating is always wrong, but sexually refusing wives deserve to be cheated on, and to be divorced, for that matter. I suspect this cause is the major cause of cheating today.

The issue of sexual refusal is complicated by the fact that many people today, especially men, have come to regard receiving oral sex as part of the entitlements of marriage, although it has been outside the historical understanding of conjugal rights. It is essential that people communicate about this before marriage. If one feels it would be terrible to live without oral sex, you should tell your intended that before marriage. One who does not wish to provide oral sex should make sure that one's intended is OK with this.

3. Some wives show a lack of love for their husbands by "letting themselves go"--becoming grossly overweight, cutting their hair short, and dressing like a slob when their husband is around--jogging suits, sweat pants, sweat shirts, and no dresses or skirts. (Of course, plenty of husbands also let themselves go, and a lot of them get cheated on too.)

4. Some women emasculate their husbands. They drive male friends out of his life, they berate him frequently, they yell at him if they have to adjust the toilet seat, and they become the dominant partner in the relationship by being "drama queens,"--the man cedes this role to the woman in hopes of finally getting some peace and quiet instead of having his family life wear him down with stress. The emasculated man may cheat for revenge on his controlling wife and to re-assert his independence of her.

Probably other reasons as well.

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Like anything it is a choice a simple one at that

Yes there really is faithful men in the world

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because man is selfish creature.

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Some men cheat and some women cheat...From my experiences, there are many different ways in which a person can cheat. You can cheat your spouse and/or family in other ways than just having a sexual relationship with someone outside the existing relationship. When I was married, my husband had two other loves in his life...his gambling and his obsessive/compulsive tendences to want everything related to sports memorabilia. We could hardly put food on the table for the children, and yet I used to find wrappers hidden all over the house from his 'conquests', or hundreds of dollars of non-winning tickets every month. He cheated the kids of many things. He cheated me in my trust and then my respect for him.

In some variations of religion, just thinking about sex with another person other than your spouse is 'cheating'. It is much more easier for a person to 'cheat' these days with online ****, the 'movies', stripclubs, etc...In my own opinion, even cheating with these 'vices' is still cheating in your relationship. A person should be putting all that effort in their relationship, to keep each other happy, and thinking of others before that person fulfills their own needs.

I think that there are some men (and women) that are faithful in that they don't go and physically cheat on their significant other; however, you never know what sort of cheating is going on in their own little 'private world' in their minds.

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this is very true. my partner has told me that he ha thought of another woman being in the bed with us while we were having sex... this annoyed me but what can i say or do? apparently it's natural for men and women to fantasize about this sort of thing. I think men in general are just selfish. it's rare to find a man whom is totally devoted to his wife and children. such a sad reality but unfortunately it's true.

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Aaah...cheating men. I've had three BFs and the last one cheated on me. It really broke my faith and trust in men....

But I will say that I do know men out there that feel the same way that I do about cheating.....and stay faithful to the person that they give their heart to. So I guess there is hope??? LOL

Remember both sexes cheat....

it's really so sad. :(

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Too many thoughts. They should see through their HEARTS, and LIVE by it.

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yes...truly faithful men exist

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The answer is within the question. But, the same question can be asked about women. I was on the side of having a woman (wife) cheat on me.

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