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Because they are just rude. They don't give a [bad word] about a ladies feelings. They don't realize the value of emotional bonding. And conversation is about things other than emotions and ideas. There will always be those 'egotistic' types out there. I hope you find or have a man that will treat you with the respect you deserve.

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Hi firefoxcheyenne

Playing Leading on games is cruel to women.

Some men are cruel to women.

These men are cruel - perhaps particularly to women.

The answer is because they are cruel generally or do not like women and so are just cruel to them.

Alternatively they are sociopaths and do not know what they do is cruel.


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because our d*cks and our brains think differently, causing the wrong one to think for us at the time

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Because some men thinks they are superior than women.

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First of all, this is not a one-way street. BOTH genders play it...but for different reasons.

EVERY MEMBER of the gender does not play it but at least ONCE, many have. Some never have. Still others make a career out of it.

For men, it can be many reasons. They may be covering a sensitive, insecure self by portraying the confident, conquering male, saying and doing whatever it takes to convince women to be with him. The relationships don't last...but boy, when you women find one of those guys, you get all gushy over him...til he dumps ya, which is what guys like me were telling you from the beginning.

The guy can just be plain rude...there's more out there than I'd care to acknowledge, but it's a fact. Those guys are the ones for whom nice guys pay the price.

The guy can be emotionally unintelligent. Nothing to do with IQ; this is EQ (EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT). In fact, a low EQ is frequently associated with a HIGH IQ. So they can be SEEN as playing games...while the entire time, they are just emotionally ignorant of how it is affecting their woman.

The ultimate answer is that the reasons stated above, when combined with the fact that men are very heavily sexually driven (yes, ladies are too...but in a different way), results in an individual who is motivated to say and/or do whatever it takes to procreate. That drive can be controlled...but when control is weak, I've seen guys tell women ANYTHING...just as long as it ends up where he gets her in bed.

YOUR JOB as a woman, is to look for those signs. Yah, he has a nice package....look at those abs...he's smiling at's also a trap. The cheese looks great to the mouse....smells great. He's so busy looking and smelling that, he doesn't see it's a trap...then SNAP...he's caught. I'm really a deserter here, telling you gals this...but you really need to remind yourselves (I read this somewhere and totally agree), that if you have known a man for a couple of years or perhaps work with him, then there is about an 85% chance he's fantasized about you sexually in some least once if not more. With a drive like a's sometimes cool to think...."Hmmm....what if I go for it?" To do that, some will play whatever game gets the girl in the end...and whether they are married or not makes NO difference.

A good way to try and help is to ask your friends what they think, before getting too close or giving him what he wants. A guy who is on the prowl and playing games, will not take too kindly to you involving other players (let's call them JUDGES), cuz he's there to hunt you down, without interference from your bodyguards.

On the other hand, if he socially interacts with your friends (This does NOT MEAN he hits on Suzie when you're not looking), then maybe he's genuinely interested in getting to know as much about YOU as possible...other than how willing you are to give him a BJ later tonite.

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They don't want the women to see that - but that behavior is the strongest proof for their deep mental and emotional deficiencies.


Very well said, koyptakh and KavookiSoldier:

Men play because they are just rude.

They don't give a [bad word] about a ladies' feelings.


Many men are cruel to women.

These men are just cruel - and perhaps particularly to SOME women.

The answer is because they are cruel generally or/and do not like women OR ESPECIALLY THE BEST WOMEN - THEY FEEL ENDANGERED BY THEM - and so are just cruel to them. Young kids - nothing different.

Everybody says all men are kids and THIS IS TRUE.

Alternatively they are psychopaths-sociopaths and do not know what they do is cruel.

I see there are some psychopaths and sociopaths even on here.

There will always be those 'egotistic' types out there, and men that have strong mental-emotional deficiencies in many areas of their lives - AND ESPECIALLY when dealing with (SOME) WOMEN. LOL

I hope you find or have a man that will treat you with the respect you deserve.


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Hi there...iam new to this site the reason for joining was the question above...why men play mind games

i just became a victim of mind games, i met a man thru the net and we deceided to get married in October we met a few times because of the distance between us...he called each other almost everyday ...i just saw him last Thursday and on Friday he spoke and he told me that he is going to marry some1 else....some womanhe knows from world fell apart and it still does...the strange thing is that he still wants to continue to see me and talk to me on the phone and he still wants to marry me, now who is the victim , me or her

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They are just mean, insecure babies.

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And visca versca.

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It's not just men for one thing, their are just some weirdos out there is all you have to avoide them.

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