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suej1212 suej1212 46-50, F 6 Answers Aug 21, 2013 in Community

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It's a matter of vindication. Knowing women still want you when you're taken and craving attention. Usually stems from someone not giving you enough attention in your past. I found out the first love of my life never stopped sleeping with his ex throughout our 2 year relationship. Consequently he wanted relations with me when he moved on to his next victim/girlfriend.

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He doesn't let go because he is not over it. If you cant have his attention to the fullest because he is focusing on his past. It will only create frustration and heartache for you. And no you should not tell is not your place. Let him go and hopefully he will tell her himself. <br />
*I was in a position where the guy was trying to convince me that he was over her but the fact that it seemed to be a repeating conversation allowed me to see that he was not trying to convince me but trying to convince himself. When you are over your ex...should there be conversations about them constantly? I do not believe so. Mine don't cross my mind bc I no longer care, I do not go out of my way to do online searches for them, I don't have their phone numbers and I do not need to be on depression medication bc of the hurt I still feel...but he was over it lol (PHEW...that was a subliminal vent session hehe)

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my response question is why do some women insist on sending men multiple mixed messages?

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